defy it health about us company

DEFY IT Health is made up of people who are passionate about performing at our best. This includes ALL areas of our lives. From getting the most kills online to scoring the winning goal. We want to be AT OUR VERY BEST THAT WE CAN BE. 

To be the best, you have to use the best. That is why we partnered with the top manufacturers in the health world to develop our products. Our premiere partner, ETHA Natural Botanicals, is the most trusted manufacturer of medicinal botanical products. We worked closely with them to create LEVEL-UP and RESPAWN Herbal Tea Tablets. 

Because we personally use our own products, you can trust that DEFY IT Health will always provide the very best. If it isn’t good enough for ourselves, it is definitely not good enough to sell to you. 

Now that you have the best all-natural performance support on your side, go out there and DEFY IT! 

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