DEFY IT Partners with Fan Controlled Football

DEFY IT Health is proud to announce a partnership with the Fan Controlled Football (FCF) League. Not only is DEFY IT Health a sponsor of the FCF, but we are also giving all FCF players access to our product line. This will give players all-natural options for energy, focus, and drive.


Fan Controlled Football is a professional indoor football league created in 2017 and the first sports league to be controlled by fans. The league’s inaugural season is scheduled to begin on February 13, 2021 and will last six weeks. All games will be held at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia and will be simultaneously broadcast on Twitch.

In 2015, the FCF purchased a football team and let the fans make all the decisions. The league worked with an arena football team in Salt Lake City. The fans named the team the Screaming Eagles, then designed the logo and jerseys, and helped recruit players, hired the coach and even picked what beer was on tap. The team did well, the real-time play calling technology did the job, and a rabid fan-base built around the world. This success was proof of the possibility of an entire league of fan-controlled teams. Thereafter, thanks to a distribution partnership with Twitch, a partnership with a group of team owners and an initial round of secured funding, Fan Controlled Football Season v1.0 saw its initial launch.


Fans are the forefront of the FCF. The founders admit that they learned a lot from their v1.0 2015 experience. However, they also “know we don’t have all the answers”. Therefore, it is imperative to the league that almost everything in the FCF is up to the fans. Unlike traditional leagues, they are focused strictly on the optimal fan experience. It is the fans that inspired this league, the fans that make the decisions, and moreover, the fan experience that determines the success of the league.

This parallel focus on the “user experience” is behind DEFY IT Health. This unwavering focus on the user and their experience with the product as a measure of success, makes DEFY IT Health the perfect partner for the FCF.


Because we personally use our own products, you can trust that DEFY IT Health will always provide the very best. If it is not good enough for us, it is definitely not good enough to sell to you. As such, like the ultimate fan experience, which was and continues to be the driving force behind the FCF league, the ultimate product experience is the driving force behind DEFY IT. It only makes sense that these two user focused companies would pair up to provide the best overall experience to their users.

DEFY IT Health is a proud, bold partner of the FCF. Although currently the FCF players are in seclusion in the bubble, we are given the green light to supply the players with DEFY IT products. Now, they will have the best all-natural performance support on their side as the season commences.

So, what about you?  Excited for the revolutionary FCF league? Have you tried DEFY IT products? It is time to be part of the revolution. What will you defy?

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