Most Frequent Questions

Which product should I use? How much is right for me?

People use our LEVEL-UP tablets when they need energy and focus. They will use our RESPAWN tablets when recovery and rest are critical. If they need a surge, there’s our BOOST shots.†

Typical use of our tablet products is 5-8 tablets not exceeding 4 doses in a day. For our shots, 5 ml is typical not exceeding 15 ml a day.


Who makes DEFY IT Health products?

We only partner with the very best manufacturers in the health space. Our premiere products are proudly made in the USA by the most trusted manufacturer of Tea Leaves based products – ETHA Natural Botanicals.


Are there lab test?

Anyone can say their products are effective. We prove it by providing 3rd-party, independent lab results for each batch so you know exactly what’s inside.


How do I rep DEFY IT?

We are always looking for people who love our products and want to support the team. If you are an influencer looking for sponsorship, someone searching for affiliate opportunities, or want to join the team, reach out to us at

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